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Deposit Received: CSR 260 - only 8700 miles - £37,250


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Updated 5th October:  Deposit received and sold subject to final payment

As some of you will know, I have had a great year and a bit of CSR ownership (fettling, improving and driving) but the time has come for me to move on to other projects so this brilliant car is now up for sale.

I've little doubt that it must be one of the very best CSR's for sale anywhere; I've spent more than £5,000 on bringing it to its current condition - it's a good job I didn't factor in my effort and time!  That said, it's been a hugely enjoyable way to spend a lot of time, and to learn a fair bit along the way too; the results have made it worthwhile. 

It's just a delight to drive (the torque, the performance, the handling, grip and refinement from the CSR chassis is entirely different from other Caterhams) and the specification and condition is pretty special, too.  Highlights include:  260bhp Cosworth 2.3 litre engine with 6 speed gearbox; new, polished titanium Raceco exhaust system; brand new Avon ZZS tyres all round on immaculately refurbished 15" wheels; 'swoopy' dash with extra USB and charger sockets; leather seats; new Luke 4-point harnesses; extensively re-trimmed interior using high quality leather and featuring double-row saddle stitching; Viper blue metallic paint with silver stripe and nose band with lots of paint protection film - not just on the body but even on suspension and interior components, too.  There's a huge history file and extensive service record together with stacks of other documents including the original handbook and Caterham Cars sales invoice.  It's also quite clean...

Full details are on Pistonheads through this link here:  CSR advert  but I can, of course, be contacted directly or through Blatmail here as well.

The car wants for nothing and, given recent sales (I think there are only two other CSR's openly remaining for sale in the UK at present), looks set to continue as an appreciating asset.  It would be great to see it go to a fellow Club member.

James (Mob: 07714 693192)










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Blimey, Mark, the orange dragon is not wonky anymore!! Well done!!


To both cars - there is something nostalgic about these high position 7 inch head lamps they just look the part.


James  - you are winning polisher of the month both arms down - the car looks VERY sorted. Trim work - never seen this quality invested into the Caterham interior. 

Good luck with the sale. 

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The next best thing to a Rocket would be a.............................................Yamaha R1 engined S3 Seven, and as it happens, I just happen to have a nice one for sale at a very reasonable £17,750 (See pictures on Pistonheads). 

Sorry for the highjack James, I hope you don't mind?*bow*

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Rocket - hmm, interesting.  A friend had a Brooke once - similar in concept?

I sort of fancy a Lotus but the Elise is getting on now, isn't it (and those damned sills...)?  An Exige is too close to something I already have (idiomatically speaking).

A BEC is definitely on the list (has been for some time; a case of "from the sublime to the ridiculous"?).  Paul - can you provide a link as I can't find your car on PH?

A part-share in a Radical?

What about an ex Academy car to allow me to develop some track skills?

I'll move this topic over to ChitChat as I'd be interested to see what suggestions might come up!



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