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Classic Carbon boxes + JAL help needed?

Grant Dryburgh

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Hi folks. 

Wondering if anyone can help me out, I'm fitting my Classic Carbon rear light boxes for the fog/reverse and using JAL led lights. 

Anyone advise how to mount the leds in the boxes and install the lenses ? 
No instructions on fitting or any fixings were supplied by Classic Carbon and it's proving a nightmare to try and fit these. 

If anyone has some photos of how they have mounted them it would be much appreciated 



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Hi Grant

Fog & Reverse

1. Rubber grommets 2 no. 20mm dia.

2. The new c/f units are supplied with 3 mm. stand off posts to replace the self tapper lens securing screws.  No securing screws were supplied for the stand off posts so I had to buy 4 no. stainless steel bolts M3 3mm x 25mm to replace self-tappers.

3. I had to drill slightly larger mounting holes in JAL led assemblies and to locate them in the correct position I had to cut two short lengths of rubber tubing and slide them over the stand off posts on each side behind the led so the led butted up against them when refitting the lens. 

4. The rubber surround trim supplied was too thin so I bought some thicker small black rubber U channel edging edge protection trim seal flexible 6.5 x 4.5 mm.  A further option is to also use some GRANVILLE GV0374 Clear Silicone Sealant to affix the seal and also seal any gaps.


Here is a photo, hope it helps.  BTW ... fitting fog / reverse is easy peasy compared to the rear light clusters ... and don't mention the headlights *irked*


I should add that JAL leds would fit straight into the standard fog / reverse CC units ... it is the carbon units that present a challenge *banghead*  But endeavour to persevere, once fitted they reduce 0-60 by 0.75 secs.

Amended to say that I think I just fitted the rubber tubing location buffers behind the leds, I think the other two in the photo were for the other light.


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Hi David, 

Perfect just the sort of thing I was looking for! *smile*

I was scratching my head for hours and never thought of using grommets, I'll give that a go. Funnily enough I found the tail/ind blocks not too bad to fit but I was stumped by the fog/reverse *confused*

Thanks for the help *thumb_up*


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