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The clue's in the name...


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...anti rattle springs.

There'd been an irritating rotational clack from the Hi Spec Ultralite 4 front calipers caused by overly large holes in the Mintex 1144 pads and badly fitting anti rattle springs.  Solved by grinding down the edge of the backplate and a judicious bending of the springs, managing to snap one in the process.

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Good question.  As the springs were a poor fit on the back plate I would assume that the springs are a Hi Spec product, you'd expect Mintex to supply springs that actually fit although the guy at Hi Spec did say there's a lot of variation in manufacture.  In order to get the springs to clip on to the back plate I had to grind off some off the thickness of the back plate and then the "arms" of the springs were nowhere near the pins hence the need for some "re-profiling".  Seems to have worked, all quiet at the mo.

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