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Anglesey Trackday


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Mark: Thankfully still warm.

Anyway, I have 700ml (or thereabout) of gearbox oil left that I'm unlikely to use now as upgraded to Sadev.

Millers Oils NanoDrive CRX 75W-90 NT+ GL4/GL5 - I used it for a 6 speed manual box. 

I'm happy to give it up for free if anyone coming to the trackday is interested.

Let me know and I'll bring it along.

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Yes - a great day, and many thanks to Simon, James, Dave, the circuit staff and all participants...

Nice dry running in the morning, followed by mixed challenges in the afternoon!  I don't think I've been on track In a forked lightning thunderstorm before?

i wish I'd taken some photos! If anyone else can share pics or footage that would be great, I agree.

PS I enjoyed visiting Mark and Igor in their 620R Cooling Mods Laboratory garage...

Stephen *byebye* 

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