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1.6k exhaust hole tempalte


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Template from CC you'll be lucky.

Hopefully someone may be able to advise.

Try speaking to sevens and classics for advice if not.

I did mine years ago, removed old exhaust, masking area, offering up individual primary pipes and cutting out, very nervous time.

Little at a time.

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Exactly the same methodology as I used, when I changed from a peashootr to a air exhaus.t

I used a dremel to cut the straight lines and a flapper wheel in a diy electric drill to blend in the radius corners.

Set your primaries on a bench, align the manifold pieces, then cable tie the primaries together and adjust them so they are in their final position with the collector on.  Measure the hole you require and then cut that hole in a piece of stiff card, check it goes over your pipes and provides some clearance (your engine moves on its mountings) number the primaries and the same on the card. This is you template!

Now stick one of your new primaries through the existing hole and this will allow you to place the template.

Keep it tight, then adjust and cut a bit more if required, you will become very knowledgable on how to replace an exhaust, but that is better than how to replace a sideskin.

Good luck, great sense of achievement once complete, hope that info helps



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You jogged my memory and used wood screws / washers to screw the primaries to a piece of wood to get the basic opening shape. Then mix of junior hack saw blade, dremmel and file to get the shape.


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