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In Board / In Line suspension


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Hi All, 

My 7 has an inline /inboard front suspension, I believe an aftermarket version to resemble the CSR. 

Both of the bolts have sheared off inside the linkage of the dampers. ( gold aluminum joint )

Any idea who makes these kits and where I can aim a question on what bolts to replace as I don't believe any bolts are metric. 

2005 SV Series 5 

Many thanks


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It's a known problem, it's important to use longer bolts and cut off part of the thread so that the suspension loads are carried by the stronger shank part of the bolt.  I have these notes but I've never been 100% sure whether they are inch or mm

               Male thread   Bore  URL

Pushrods             ⅜”     5/16”  http://www.mcgillmotorsport.com/5-16-x-3-8-right-hand-male-xmr5-6-ultra-high-performance-rod-end-42/

Top/bottom joints ½”      ½”     http://www.mcgillmotorsport.com/1-2-x-1-2-right-hand-male-xmr8-ultra-high-performance-rod-end-23/

As SM25T says, Gary May, the designer of the suspension, is now working at Boss Racing

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