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Trouble Selecting Reverse Gear


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I have a 6 speed box, and have no problem generally selecting reverse gear - until the engine is up to operating temperature. At that point I can still select reverse, but not cleanly and with a slight grating on the gears. I have adjusted the cable clutch but still no joy.

The car is a Yr 2000 model and done 40 000 miles. It is the original clutch, but the cable is new.

Anyone have any ideas?   if it needs a new clutch or pressure plate that will have to wait until the end of the shortened blatting season!

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If the clutch is dragging you will certainly get grating going into reverse. 

I would have thought a worn clutch would do the opposite though, I.e. slip under pressure rather then drag when released. 

I would double check the new clutch cable to be honest. If it’s stretched at all you might get dragging. 

You wouldn’t notice it in forward gears because the synchro would mask it. 

One thought. If you go into reverse from neutral, clutch pedal released you will get a grating. That is, the car idling in neutral, foot off clutch. Depress clutch go for reverse. 

You need to wait a second or two for everything to stop spinning or briefly put the box in a forward gear which has the same effect 

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