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1989 Super Sprint ignition


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Hi Guys, I am assisting a friend with an ex Japanese 89 cross flow. Main issue is the car has no spark.

The Car is fitted with ... wait for it... WAKO Tech ignition trigger ( looks for all the world like a Bosch 25 or Luminition) ,booster and booster. of which there is no information available and even contacting the company in Japan I am yet to get a response.

Can some one tell ne what the original ignition units were,


IMG_0003_0.thumb.JPG.c9922c1432a2eea4d2ff08b88db6c133.JPG IMG_0002_0.thumb.JPG.c3be9173a5844bd12649edc76e57a6ad.JPG

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After some investigation the Wako system, the dizzy optical trigger is luminition. Parts have the same numbering, 

I used the luminition test procedure to find the LA 700 module is dead, I have a spare Luminition unit and that's goin in with out the rest of the WAKO electronics. To complicate the whole deal there is an immobiliser in the mix.

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