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S4 front suspension problems


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Hello, I am David from Spain; I am restoring a 1974 Hispano Aleman Mallorca (Lotus Seven S4).

I removed all the front suspension to change bushes and dampers (they were very bad), I ordered the new ones to Redline. I received the parts and now I’m assembling again all the suspension to move the car to the painter.

I realized that the new dampers are shorter than the old ones; for sure the old ones were not originals, because in the upper part of the dampers, the bar that links the cylinder with the bush and the top of the damper was hand welded. The height of the car with the old dampers was ok, I hope it will continue ok with these shorter dampers.

I tried to assemble the new dampers but the top cylinders with the bushes are wider than the old dampers. When I try to put the top wishbone rear half and the damper in position to fix them with the top wishbone pivot pin, I cannot do it. The top wishbone rear half and the damper cannot go inside their position in the chassis. They are 2 millimeters wider at least. I tried to assemble them with a hammer and they cannot go inside.

What must I do?,  must I cut the steel tube welded to the chassis?, must I file the new damper and bush?, I don’t know what to do at this point.

I show you photos of the problem.

Thank you, regards, David.

1_4.thumb.jpg.4424becb5d72d682787ad6874c5665bf.jpg Old and new dampers


The top wishbone rear half and old damper in position

3_4.thumb.jpg.ce42df46e810dbd7405ab55b1375a6c2.jpg The top wishbone rear half and new damper cannot go in position


Must I cut there or the damper?, I really don't know what to do.


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