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R500K Oil weeping from junction tower to bell housing


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I have a persistent oil leak from this junction I have resealed this several times with liquid gasket and each time it comes back after a relatively short time. The cap head bolts are fine haven't pulled a thread. Anyone had a similar problem? recommended solutions?

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Dear Gasman

have you checked for cracks in the bell housing?

I had to replace the bell housing twice due to cracks albeit small hairline ones .. once by Caterham Midlands and the second time by BaT book expressed surprise that they had not seen this before?

only difference will be that the 500 K would have a magnesium bell housing

So would checking ...




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I don’t think so no, it was the block. Here is the pic you took:



I thought the swirl tower was the top bit of the dry sump tower, which is integrated into the bell housing, hence the crappy clutch release arm aiui. But maybe the swirl tower is the whole tank, and the base means the blue plate, which is an old world of pain - like when mine fell off and I lost all the oil.. old story :-)

edit: the blue base plate had issues with its gasket, iirc there is a tiny channel for said gasket and oil seeps were common. The bolts are small and themselves would suffer seeping oil, but it’s yonks ago and hard to remember. Memory is saying the bolts are an odd M7 size (try helicoiling that) which is Citroen.. as it happened I was in France.

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