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Front Brake pad retaining pin fell out!


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After  a spirited 50 mile drive today was just putting the 420R into the garage when there was an almighty clonk from the front wheel immediately identifiable as a pad hitting a disk. When I got out I was astonished to find a bent pad retaining pin lying on the ground.  One minute later astonishment turned to shock for when I checked the other retaining pins  only one of them had the R retaining clip in situ!! Also missing from one side was the anti rattle plate.

Now about 2000 miles ago I checked the pads but I’ve serviced enough car/motorcycle brakes in my time to check/double check stuff like this and the clips were definitely in place when I last inspected them.... scary.  How they came to be missing is anyone’s guess.

I’m now presently with an opportunity..... naively I phoned up caterham for some replacement parts, a set of new retainer pins for good measure , some R clips and a replacement anti rattle plate. None of which they appear to have in stock.  

I can obviously source some R clips elsewhere, the bent pin I think can be gently persuaded back into shape but I’ve drawn a blank for the anti rattle plate.  The caliper is a two pot, I believe AP Racing derived item, the anti rattle plate has a part number CP5119-170.

Any recommendations as to how to source this part or does anyone have an old caliper etc they are willing to part with? Thanks








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Well, well .... interesting Jonathan

... going through my head today were 3 options; where had I left the car recently, thinking that someone deliberately removed the clips, then doubting my own mechanical ability and finally could they just fall out!  It seems that the latter could very well have been the cause based on the above, and whilst it’s far from an ideal answer I can sleep easier tonight :-) 

As suggested nice big normal split pins will be used going forwards!

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