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Buzzing Gearbox / Gearstick


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Hi all,

First post here, so be gentle!

Owned my 97 Supersport R with the 6-speed box for about a month now (and loving it!).

At certain revs (normally cruising, but also whilst accelerating) the gearbox / gearstick makes a horrible buzzing noise. If I actively hold the gearstick or changes the revs, it stops and you can just hear the engine again. Is this a) fixable, b) indicative of something wrong or c) just what 7s do?



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Sevens certainly tell you a lot about what's going on! 

Not sure I've heard (!) that one before.

I'd start by:

  • Playing with the tunnel cover and seeing if that makes any difference... that would be a lot easier than playing with the stick itself. Some covers have a couple of screws in the rear lower corners and some don't. To take the cover off you need to release the handbrake so that it can point upwards.
  • Having a look at the gearbox from underneath: any tight clearances, is the mount intact, and are the bolts done up?


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There is a plastic bush on end of gear lever underneath gear lever cover where gear lever selects inside box, this bush is known to deteriorate, suspect this should be your first port of call?


good luck

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When centered in the chassis prob only 5-8mm clearance each side of the box. If its touching the chassis just slacken off gearbox and engine mounts and re-position.

Years ago I remember a friend having a similar issue with his tintop - there was actually a cylinder of metal inside the plastic gear knob that was rattling. Dont know why it was there?

Edited to say engine mounts can crack and droop. I check them as part of the annual service.

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