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Light weight Tonneau and boot covers - charity sale for Race Against Dementia


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For sale to highest bidder, placed on here, on view by Sunday 4th August 2019, 23:00 BST.

Oxted lightweight cockpit tonneau and boot covers.  Selling as one lot.

These were custom made to my request before Oxted started their Thundersports range of gear.

They are made from very tough lightweight waterproof material.  The edges are over bound and beautifully stitched.  Popper studs are in place to match the factory popper positions.

Cockpit - designed for use with Tilletts - i.e. it has slim headrest pockets.  Has an elastic loop with hooks which can be passed around cage or rollover bar when parked (makes all the rain water run off.  Loop can also be used when travelling "half tonneau".  I placed a couple of extra poppers on the inside passenger side of my cockpit so the spare flap from driver's side could be secured neatly when in half tonneau mode.

Boot cover - designed for use without weather gear hood sticks. Height 1 5/8" / 43mm.  Exact replica of the heavy vinyl genuine Caterham part manufactured by Oxted but using the lightweight material. Holes to fit CAGED X-braced rollover bar.  Also works ok with SLR cage.

Both items are a very good fit and have comfortably stayed in place during high speed driving including one foray topping 130mph and sustaining over 110mph for many miles on the A81 between Singen and Horb am Nekar.

These have been much noted by other 7ers over the years and  remain unique as no exact equivalent product is offered by Thundersports/Oxted on their website.  You could undoubtedly custom order them but here you can get them for a bargain price!

Start price £20. Sale to best bid by closing date.

50% of closing price to RAD charity by payment from me to L7C

Packing free of charge.  Postage at buyer's expense.  I will dispatch by lowest of cheapest Royal mail option or cheapest Parcel2Go option.  Or buyer collect from Northampton.

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