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Thundersports Oxted Boot bag / "E" bag - charity sale for Race Against Dementia


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For sale to highest bidder, placed on here, on view by Sunday 4th August 2019, 23:00 BST.

Thundersports / Oxted trimming:  Luggage bag.  Mohair cloth. Fits S3/S111 model. Mounts over boot compartment tonneau and secures to rear stays of cage or rollover bar.  Has a security wire so it can be padlocked on. 

6" deep version.  Approx capacity 35 litres - like a medium suitcase.  Approx dims:  H:150mm x W:880mm x L:280 to 350mm (tapering rear slope allows it to fit inside erected weather gear).

Note shoulder strap currently mislaid.  One of the clips broke when new and therefore I never used the strap.  If I find it I'll include it.

Start price £100. Sale to best bid by closing date.

50% of closing price to RAD charity by payment from me to L7C

Packing free of charge.  Postage at buyer's expense.  I will dispatch by lowest of cheapest Royal mail option or cheapest Parcel2Go option.  Or buyer collect from Northampton.

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