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Lost 1st gear, do I need to remove the engine


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I have an S3 Lotus with Twin Cam and 2000E gearbox.  I can no longer select 1st gear.  The selector was removed and all looks OK, with no metal in the oil. With the selector back on, the car drives Ok with 3 forward gears but I want to fix 1st. 

Can the gearbox be removed without removing the engine as well?

Any ideas gratefully received - Many thanks

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Not at all familiar with your car but I'm pretty certain the engine will have to come out if you need to take the gearbox out.  However, there is a selector saddle which fails and prevents you selecting gears, that is accessible from inside the car.

This may help: https://www.oldskoolford.co.uk/ipb/index.php?/topic/76070-replacement-gear-lever-for-rs2000-type-e-gearbox/

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With the gearshift and retaining cup removed have you tried to get first engaged by moving the 1st gear selector  with a screwdriver or similar to see if you can get engagement?  Also (and it may not be accessible in your Seven installation), is there not an access plate on the top of the box, beneath this, I recall the selector rods are bolt fixed to the selector forks under this plate. Possibly the retaining bolt is working loose.  

However it has been quite a number of years since I messed around with a Corsair box and I stand to be corrected.

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You can sit down Jim  , you've remembered it right! *thumb_up*

One thing to be aware of if removing the top cover of the main gearcase are the three detent springs that will probably attempt to dive into the box.. sliding a sheet of paper or thin card between the cover and case can help prevent this.The selector fork retaining bolts should be lockwired to stop them loosening off. One other possibility is the mainshaft locknut coming loose.

Does the gearlever move to the same position that it used to or is its movement being  restricted by something?


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