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Standard AP two pot caliper brake pads


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POBC! Can anyone confirm which brake pads (make and compound) are supplied with the standard two pot AP caliper please? I was told probably Ferodo DS2500, and the only numbers on the back of the pads are 'FF A16'? I need to purchase some new rear pads to compliment the improved front set-up I now have.


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it seems lots of different pads have 'FF A16' printed on the back of them, so its unlikely to designate the material.

Surely, If you can't identify the material the pads you have are made from, you'd be better buying new pads were you do know the material!?

Sadly, I think you're going to need a little experimentation to get a reasonable balance, but, you need to know where you're starting from.....

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Hi Richard,

yep, I agree with the experimentation, but just hoped someone may know what these standard pads are as a starting point? I did my first sprint of the year at Kames on Sunday, with my revised car set-up; new front brakes, negative camber suspension, new Kumho tyres etc, and all felt well! It was a cold, dry day (6 deg, overcast, and a strong wind making it feel much colder), and although rear end grip was poor, the car was noticeably braking well on the front end! I have no idea what rear pads I have in (no markings of any sort on them), but I do know they've been in the car for about 10 years now, so probably due for renewing in any case (some crumbling of the edges evident).

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