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Lately I've often experienced that I have to hit F5 (refresh) when I try to log on, to open a topic or even when I tried to start this new topic.

What's going on?

Firefox (fully up to date) and Win 10 64 bit.

It this just another of the annoying features we have to accept?(That the forum is not compatible with FF). No way I'm going to switch to Chrome!

OK, not even when I hit "post"... ARGHHHH I HATE DRUPAL!!!!

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  • Support Team

The "page 2" issue has been fixed so please let me know if you are still experiencing it.

The site uses Cloudflare for performance optimisation, security and DNS but we do occasionally see glitches which I guess is to be expected now and then. If there is a sustained issue then I will get NDP to investigate.

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