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Chassis rust 2 year old chassis


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That does look very bad for such a new car *frown*

I had some flaking powder coat under the steering rack mount on mine during this winter inspection/service, but it is 8 years old and it only affected a small area. That doesn't look like it has adhered to the steel at all.


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I'm sure cc would take a sympathetic stance with regards the failed powder coating you have on the chassis,it's only two years old and the finish should not have failed as it has.

After all they want to please the customer with the product,it's their reputation and most importantly customer relations.

Just remember this thread is forever and it will be looked at by hundreds if not thousands of current and future owners,the problem resolved by a positive response will only be conducive to good business and trust in the company.

I personally have never other than the out of stock issue for parts, (still current cc !) had any problems with the company and I can only say they have been very fair with me.

You state that your car is only two years old and viewing the images provided it has very evidently been built with great consideration to its longevity.

This is clearly displayed with regards to the application of paint protection film, it self an expensive option and the added detail of protection to the wiring loom in the places where it could possibly suffer abrasion against the edges of the bodywork.

Your car appears to be a very conscientious build with longevity in mind.

Speak to CC nicely and I'm sure you will have a great car without the legal Agg.

keep us informed.



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Regarding reply #4 of DJ's,No It's not right, my old girl is 21 years old and recently when I was at a friend of mine's dealership we put the car up on one of the hydraulic lifts to have a good look at the underside of the chassis and there was absolutely no corrosion or flaking of the powder coat at all anywhere.


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Looks bad alright.

I never use mine in the wet but still that looks like its just spilt open and the top front wishbone mount never even gets the weather. Whats the rest of the chassis like especially the back suspension?

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