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oil hose?


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I have a strange hose that comes from the top of cam cover as per first photo and goes to an old washer bottle

Its a 1.8 k series. Is it there for a purpose, should it really go to an oil catch tank


Any answers very welcomeIMG_0445.JPG.35f9218f2f78f471f5416fdbd98de9e4.JPG IMG_0446.JPG.3c5fc6828dae8131260d3bb4d9b9103a.JPG

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There's nothing functionally wrong with it as it is.  I see the options as follows:-

1) Return the system to as Rover intended and reinstate the PCV system.  Advantages...neater and keeps your engine oil cleaner for longer. Disadvantages...possible lowering of octane rating and det' as oil mist enters inlet.

2) Leave current slightly crappy looking catch tank (not a criticism, I have the same one) in place.  Advantages...cheap, no oil mist in inlet.  Didadvantages...poor oil life compared to above, engine bay not as blingy.

3) Replace catch tank with something nicer looking.  Same as (2) above except for looks/money.

As there's no oil in your catch tank (at least appears this way in the pictures), I would actually suggest option 1.  Your engine doesn't appear to be breathing any oil so you're giving up the advantages of a PCV system for no benefit.

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What does the hose that goes forward from the cam cover terminate at?  Does it go to the throttle body?

I can't see all the bits in your pictures to be sure but I expect all you need is to connect your cam cover to the inlet plenum.  There's usually a small S-shaped hose that does this in the Rover install (where your plenum is blanked off).  I'd need to see a little more to be sure though. 

The K-series system is simpler than most as it doesn't use a PCV valve, it has a restrictor instead to limit the vacuum draw on the crankcase at idle (when vacuum in the plenum is at its highest). Revilla posted a good diagram a few years ago that I can't find.  


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