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Couple of brake caliper questions


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Following a recent track day, my brakes started squeaking on the way home.  In the past on other cars that's been a result of a build up of brake dust (lots of hard breaking !), so I thought I would combine sorting that that with a check of the pads and a bit of a brake bleed.

Couple of questions as its a bit different from previous cars:

1) There are two bleed nipples on the caliper, I'm used to only one.  Can I assume that's for convenience and that I can happily use the outer nipple to bleed from, or do I have to use both?

2) the piece of wire holding in the pad retaining pins looks like it will have to be cut to get the pins out.  On other cars these have been simple R-clips I can pull out and put back in.  If I cut the wire I'll need to replace it every time I mess with the brake pads which seems a bit odd.  Is this normal?  Can I replace the wire with  small R-clips ?

Pic (2016 roadsport, look like standard 2 pot front calipers on unvented discs)


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You can get the Technical Data Sheet for your fluid on the internet. I've personally never come across shelf life limits for unopened DOT 4. If the container has the original foil seal intact it should be OK.

I found a couple of unopened bottles of brake fluid in my garage recently, but decided to bin them as a tenner would get me something that would not harbour unproven consequences of ageing and storage.

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With regards the 6 year old brake fluid in an unopened bottle, I was in the same position as you last year.

The color and "feel" of the liquid the old unopened bottle I had compared to a new one was dramatic.

I decided to "recycle" the old fluid and use only new stuff.


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