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Tonneay Cover vinyl for CSR SV

David aka Blue7

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Caterham tonneau cover for CSR / SV, vinyl (same as roof / boot cover material), altered by Soft Bits for 7's by adding "lugs" to fit over standard headrests.  Caterham didn't offer cut-outs back in 2009 but I see that they are now offered on their website:


I can't guarantee that all the poppers will all line up on all cars because Caterham are not consistent in their positioning of the studs on the cars but this cover fitted all 3 of my CSR's.  However, you can return if you are not happy but buyer pays postage, which I think is fair?  I now just use the shower cap so tonneau is surplus to requirements.  It weighs 2.3 kg unboxed so cheapest postage I can find is Hermes at £7 to UK address, overseas postage would of course be extra.  Sale price £48 + the £7 postage = £55.  Here are some photos of the tonneau cover fitted to the car:






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