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420R cuts out at 70MPH, won't restart


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Took the Mrs out for the first time in the car (350 miles on the clock) lost all power on the busy A303 at 70MPH and luckily managed to coast to a parking bay. Called a friend for a tow home. Turns over, but doesn't fire up. I haven't listened to see if the fuel pump cracks into action on ignition, will do that tomorrow. Any other pointers?


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Does it have the fuel pump cut out switch on the bulkhead? Passenger side with large round rubber cap on it - give it a press in the middle.

Another test, when ign switch to posn 2 does  the fuel pump run? If yes wont be cut out switch.

I’d be checking all loom plugs (wire to wire / wire to sensor) are pushed together properly.

A while ago one owner had an intermittent fault where one of the pins in a loom plug wasnt clipped in properly and had pushed out when the plug was connected.



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