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Upgrade older S3 to 2014-on uprights


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Hi POBC, has anyone upgraded their older S3 to the 2014-on front uprights? I'm doing this just now, and find on reassembly, that there is a little step sitting proud where the inner wheel bearing mounts up to. This step does not allow my disc assembly to sit flush to the upright, so it seems I have two choices; either machine this step off to replicate my original uprights, or (I think), fit the newer style wheel bearings and non-tapered stub axles? 

Any help/advice/ experience welcome!

Cheers, Les.

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If your S3 is of an age that employs the stepped front stub axle & asymmetric bearings I believe of Triumph origin then, if you can afford to do so, I would recommend carrying out the 2003> stub axle upgrade.

I could not possibly comment on the implication of machining off the step & the consequential change in how stress would be managed.

The original stub axle could be prone to failure due to the different load on it from the bearings also this assembly tended to require adjustment more often.

After two cars with the old style axle that is my experience. The second car I upgraded. 

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Thanks Geoff, I think upgrading to the bigger stub axles at this stage would be a good idea, and looking at the CC online parts store, I can see there is an outer bearing washer, aswell as a thin shim. I could do with an exploded build diagram to see where these parts go, but possibly the parts guy will help me here.


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Stripping down the front of my car showed more damage from my Barbon crash than we thought, so glad I decided to do this upgrade! Should be all nice and true again for the year ahead! I’m looking forward to seeing you in the FF too! 

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