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Fuel Pump/Sender Problem


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Apologies if my search missed an obvious answer!

Trying to start the car after winter fettling I managed to fill the garage with petrol this afternoon!

After pulling the boot apart I found the fuel pump/sender broken where the fuel pipe connects. When asking around it looks as if I have to replace the whole unit at £420 from CC, dammit. Tempting though the superglue option might be, I can't see a quick fix being an option! My local Ford dealer was unable to locate the right part, even with the pump on his desk.

Has anybody found a cunning fix for this in the past, or shall I pass the problem to Visa?

One more thing, is there a safe way to remove the broken bit of pump outlet from the fuel pipe without special tools?

Car is 2009 175 Roadsport SV.

Thanks, Jules


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