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Immobiliser Ariel broken from connecting cable


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Hi all, hopefully someone can answer this.

Managed to snap off connector wire to Ariel, my car has keyless ignition all operated from a Stirling immobiliser tab, this sits just above transmission tunnel in a little pod, took off cover and managed to break connector to Ariel loop, have black sheath wire, wire does have grounding around inner core, looks like Ariel is a wound copper wire of very thin diameter, hence easy to break wire.  My query is two ends to copper loop, but only looks like one end soldered to incoming core, also does not look like outer ground sheath was connected ?

Any help appreciated 

regards Chris



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fixed. It appears that white core goes to 1 of thin copper cores on antenna loop, and the 2nd copper core goes to the shield, the only way it works ?.  Friend of mine who’s an electronics wiz, suggested using candle wax to coat the soldered connections.  

‘But its so fragile, surprised more don’t fail.

regards Chris






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