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ivaan spotted.


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Hi Colin,

What a great day it was!

4 cars left Shrewsbury, we headed to Lake Vernwy, then over the top to Bala. The others had to get back for chores / dinner / SWMBO.

I couldn't get so close to "That" road without having a couple of runs ( each way *biggrin* ). No traffic, dry and warm(ish). *biggrin* *biggrin* *biggrin* *biggrin*

What route where you taking?


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hi clive,we went  buckley to ruthin to cerrigydrudion to crimean pass to blaenau ffestiniog,ffestiniog,bala,brenig,then home.next time your on our asphalt,we could have brekky at conwy falls cafe,then go for a blast if you like,i'm sure some of my mates,and some of yours could get together one sunday to make a glorious racket.

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