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Graham was it you?


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Hi Stuart,

No not me I'm afraid. Mines orange with a grey stripe and is having some warranty work done on it at Caterham Donnington.

Its now fixed though and ready to go, but I'm struggling to find time to get over there and pick it up.

Did you get your brakes bled and sorted in the end? Are they much better?

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Hi Graham

This was a dark red with two silver bonnet stripes, now we know what colour yours is we should be able to easily spot you!

Yes got brakes sorted (numpty error on my part) to be honest have not been out to try and test them yet since, waiting for some better weather and no salt on the roads, also sorned at the minute.

What was wrong with yours then?



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Hi Stuart,

Oil seal leaking where props shaft enters the gearbox extension.

When cold the engine would struggle to tickover without blipping the throttle.

Diff carrier upgrade so that it won't hit the Dedion tubing when suspension is under compression.


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