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iPhone problems...


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http://www.lotus7.club/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/shades_smile.pnghttp://www.lotus7.club/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/angel_smile.pngTask: Add line of text; new line; add smiley:

Here is a new line of text;

Hmm. Smileys go in at the start of the post not the end (where the text cursor was).

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NB. The above was posted from an iPhone (eventually!), as noted if you hit return then insert a smiley, the smiley goes in at the start of the post, not on the new line.

Possibly related to the fact that when using a real computer (like I am now), if I press return, a new line is started *but* the text cursor goes to the start of the post, so you then have to click or use the arrow keys to get back to the new line at the end of the post (OSX 10.9.5 / Safari).

Also on an iPhone, more problems:

- Major issue with drupal's CSS (I presume): the zoom works really badly if e.g. trying to add a smiley or a picture. When fully zoomed out, the smileys (or picture) window is central, but tiny - too small for my fat fingers to reliably pick the desired smiley. So, you pinch to zoom - and the smileys window remains central to the SIZE OF THE PAGE AS A WHOLE, asssuming the top left of that size is in the top left corner of the screen, rather than bearing any relation to the section of page in view. So by the time you've zoomed in enough to be able to read / use the windows, they've disappeared off the bottom right of the visible screen and no amount of scrolling will bring them back in to view:


Disappointing / poor in this day and age of supposed mobile-friendliness.

- Minor issue: The display is a bit screwy when adding a post. Also a problem with drupal's css rather than anything else, mostly just looks odd though, not a usability problem:


Granted this is an iPhone 4S running iOS 6, but I'm not about to upgrade to iOS 8 just in the hope of being able to use a forum, because I'm doubtful it'll handle 8 at a usable speed.


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Today, either BT or the site is failing to deliver individual forums to my Android tablet at all. I get the Blatchat main page (I hate the bland title "Forum").

Yesterday, when things were working, I did not have any formatting options, the carriage return did not work and no emoticons. :-(

Actually, at the moment, I have none of those options on Firefox on a PC (just a box with text formats options with notes about html tags.

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I think that's an issue at your / your ISP's end - just posting this from my iPhone.

Although, see screenshot here, the toolbars of the reply box don't wrap so the Format, Styles and Table/Smileys/Otherstuff toolbars are hacked off the side of the displayed section and therefore not accessible. More CSS woes...



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New-line functionality seems a bit hit and miss. I thought it had been fixed this week as I was able to get a proper new line by inserting a carriage-return after a single space at the end of a line. 

...but this *mostly* doesn't work now (to the point where I wonder if I really imagined it).http://www.lotus7.club/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/cry_smile.png

http://www.lotus7.club/sites/all/libraries/ckeditor/plugins/smiley/images/regular_smile.png Correct smiley insertion appears to work though.

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Ray, my belief is, you've got "filtered HTML" set as a text format option.

Below the text entry box, click the "Text formats options" link which will expand a grey section.

In there, there's a drop list for "Text format" with options of "Full HTML" / "Filtered HTML" / "Plain text".

Full HTML will (should) show the full toolbars; Filtered HTML shows me the toolbars you see; Plain text removes all toolbars.


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On iOS 8 on an ip6, the add-link dialogue is almost unusable as it appears partially off the bottom/right of the screen and can't be dragged back to get at the submit button. Only workaround seems to be to change phone orientation a couple of times and to hope you can find a bit of the main page in the background to pinch-zoom with.

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I still get odd new line behaviour in that the initial capitalisation of the first new character (and autocorrect punctuation of the first 'word') doesn't work.

added to which (see?!?), the 'Reader View' option (that de-clutters websites and gives a font size button) seems pretty random. It kinda works with the first post in the current 'I finally found suspension that works' thread, but doesn't appear as an option anywhere else I look. No great loss - but something odd is clearly going on.

oh (see!), the emoticons still default to the beginning of the first line of a post - which is tedious.

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