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Poly Bushes for Dedion Rear Suspension


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My 1993 DeDion 7 has a nasty habit of 'wagging its tail' when entering corners when being pushed and feels like something is loose at the back.


As the car has over 50K miles on the clock, I'm assuming it's time to replace the rear suspension bushes.


Does anyone have experience fitting and using the poly bush kits advertised on ebay?


How big a job is this? I also need to change the diff nose oil seal.


Any advice would be appreciated.



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Its not a big job - if you have a press

You need a press to get the old bushes out, the good news is that the bushes are captive on the small bits (A-frame and radius arms) so you can take them to a press.


I ended up putting standard bushes back in







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Cheers Guys *wavey*


I changed the rear shock bushes and bolts last year.


Do Nut,

Did you notice any difference after you replaced the bushes?



On the last Dunsfold handling day I did, the back end was weaving around under braking so much, I almost stopped because I thought I had a puncture. I was braking into the corners on the track laps though *nono*


As I'm also trying to rebuild a Triumph Tiger Cub engine, I may invest in a small bench press. I've seen a 2 tonne press that uses a bottle jack for £75 on ebay.



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Brucey, I have the Poweflex bushes if thats what you refer to. I am not convinced that they offer much benefit to the rear of a DD. Front is a different matter though *thumbup*


But reading your comments about Dunsford, your problem maybe caused by knackered dampers, too much rake or too much brake bias


Want to rent an 18th century Farmhouse in Rural Somerset?


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