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Freezer problem....


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I have an AEG freezer - a couple of years old, and the back of the freezer compartment keeps freezing up so the temperature control cannot regulate the compressor to keep it at a constant -18c.


Inside it has a thermostat which was replaced 4 months ago, and appeared initially to adress the problem. I think however, that the outfit who did the repair fobbed us off by removing all the ice, and it may have taken 4 months for it to build up to the point that the thermostat is encased and hence giving incorrect readings.


I'm not particularly techie when it comes to domestic applicances (I thought you just had to make a clothing allowance 😬) and I'm not sure if this thing has an auto defrost heater in it which could actually be the failed part.


Its an AEG A75108GA3 if that helps anyone.


Does this sound like the heater more than the stat?




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It seems to be quite important, with both fridges and freezers, not to put wet things in there as the dampness evaporates and then condenses on the cold back surface. We have the same problem, but over a longer period. Used to have a self defrost job and wish we'd bought another one when the other one packed up.



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It's a frost free freezer. If you seal ALL food and don't leave the door open it shouldn't freeze that quick.

So presuming you do this, i'd guess it will be the defrost cycle which is at fault. It probably has hot gas bypass function to enable defrost. Have a look at the rear and see if it has a little solenoid valve, it will have two wires coming from it. If you have one put a screwdriver on the top of securing screw and see if there is a magnetic field present. If not, check the voltage to it is correct, if it has voltage the solenoid is kapput, if it hasnt it could be the defrost t/stat or controller. First thing is to look at rear and tell me if it has a solenoid valve *wink*


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According to the MANUAL the 'No Frost Technology' is electric heating and not hot gas bypass. In my experience of this system the 30 minutes is not long enough once the ice has been allowed to build up over a period of time. Poor door seals or bad fitting doors will add to the ice build up and overcome the 'No Frost Technology' system.

No-Frost technology

In order to facilitate the removal of the ice layer, the

evaporator is assisted by electric heating during the

defrosting procedure. The ventilator is in OFF position. The

defrost water will drip in the tray placed at the compressor

and will evaporate. In the course of the defrosting

procedure (approx. 30 minutes) the evaporator becomes

warm but it has no influence on the internal temperature.

The foods should be kept well-packed in order to avoid any

moisture loss as a result of air circulation.

Do not obstruct the vent holes because otherwise the

operability of the product may be compromised.

For such purpose it is recommended to put all foods in the

drawers in the freezer compartment.


Of course the 'No Frost Technology' system could have just packed up, defrost it and see if/how long it takes to build up again.



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