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Electrical Issue


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A friend of mine has an 06 Scenic.

In the cold weather her radio went dead and a few days later this was followed by the battery.

Battery found to be faulty and changed.

Same issue has now happened again with her radio.

Any thoughts?


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New batt just about to die too?

Poss faulty new batt?

Underlying charging system fault?

Drive cycle is too short to keep batt charged, extra demand of cold has caused it to drop too low to keep working.


Suggest chaging battery with a charger.

Check voltages with voltmeter when standing, cranking and at fast idle just after start up.







FCITW 2009 😬

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Wifey has a '56 Megane that suffered the same problem of the radio dying followed by not starting. It was intermittent but got more frequent over about 3 months, between this and 5 minutes with a multimeter it had all the signs of the battery losing a cell, a new battery fixed it for good. Also when it's cold sometimes the dash lights don't come on, there's a bad earth somewhere in the N/S/R quarter that's causing indicator issues, the folding mirrors don't always work and it goes on.


French electrics indeed *thumbdown*


That said it's an R26 F1 so is an absolute hoot so I forgive it on the rare occasions I get to drive it 😬


VX HPC - Loud and proud here

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My freind checked it out with Renault and it is, indeed, a faulty radio.


She thanks everyone for their advice.


Have suggested she also gets her battery checked as a precaution in case there's a dud cell.



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