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CSR cycle wings for S3


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I'm just about mounting new CSR stanctions from Freestyle and new CSR carbon cycle wings from Joachim Westermann. Looks absolute cracking *smile*.

The differense from standard is that the arm supporting the wing from underneath is straigt, not bended. Leads to move the wings 1/2 an inch out. Can take a few pics if it' s of interest



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Pics would be very useful please .... If you need my mail adress blatmail me

AFAIK CSR stays don't fit the S3 (otherwise Freestyle wouldn't make specials ....? tell me I'm wrong)



Ex Chairman Roger


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Looking at some of the photo's that folk have kindly sent it appears that the CSR stay fits perfectly to the upright BUT it is angled inwards towards the body of the car, If you look head on at a standard S3 stay the arms are in the 12 o'clock position. With the CSR stay the arms are at 5 past 12 (IYSWIM). Re welding the arms in the new position doesn't look too difficult ...
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I modified csr stays to fit my S3. The upper arm needs to be bent outward by 16mm. The wing bolt mount needs to be cut off again outward by 16mm I then welded a small round plate onto this stub . The wings fit perfectly, and I am convinced that they reduce front end lift and the effects of crosswinds. The downside is they are not as effective at keeping stones or rain off the sides of the car.


I have the caterham wings but the Mog ones are of better quality.



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