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O/T Golf V Battery removal

robert green

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I have a Golf V 2.0 TDI with a battery that could do with charging. I cannot see how to remove the battery (which I need to do as the car is street parked) and the owners manual just says to go to a dealer. Anyone know how to do this? There is too much plastic and not enough nuts and bolts on modern cars *mad*


Thanks for any help *wavey*


Robert Green

Zetec with Clams

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- all from memory as it's a few weeks since I changed my wife's car battery but it was easy as far as I recall except for one thing so:- take the top plastic cover off and then remove the 'sides' of the battery enclosure and place to one side, NOW, with a torchlook down the far side (I think) of the battery as you lean in from the passenger side and you'll see a bolt head holding a bracket in place which is stopping the battery from coming out, you'll probably need (IIRC) a long extension on the socket to reach it but once loose the bracket will move and the battery will come out *thumbup* (er, assuming you've already undone the battery leads of course...)


now this may be slightly wrong but it really was very easy once you know what is stopping it *wink*




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