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screen,seats,headlights and steering wheel for sale

Chris Wells

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The following items are for sale.


These were originally fitted to my 2003 7,000 mile roadsport and are all in VGC.


Pair of black cloth seats like these here, complete with (non rattly) headrests and runners. As new £120 + postage. Sold with second dibs


Tinted, heated silver windscreen like this here. No chips or scratches with unmarked silver stanchions like these here VGC £195 +postage. Sold with second dibs


Pair of black windscreen stanchions like this here, bit scruufy round fixing holes, mostly covered by bolts and with two extra holes for racing mirrors £20 + postage. sold


Black leather motalita steering wheel like this here VGC with boss here here horn push, contact ring and wiring. VGC £70 + postage. now sold


Pair of 7" stainless headlights as here here VGC, but with non caterham connectors fitted.£65 + postage. now sold



Very happy to supply photos of all of the above.


Chris *wavey*




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Hi, thanks for the reply, but ..........it is in very good condition (and it includes the boss, wiring and a beautifull Caterham badge,hand crafted in China) but, as it is Christmas how about £60 including the postage?

You couldn't buy the aluminium, skin your own cow and stitch it yourself for that price!


Chris *smile*


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