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It won't be a hillclimb ......

Gill E

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... and definitely not a sprint but I am doing a 4km Fun Run in memory of my Mum, who I lost in July.


The run is next weekend and is in aid of the Katharine House Hospice, just outside Banbury, who looked after Mum and the rest of my family during the last few weeks of her life.


Now, I know to the untrained eye, I may have the appearance of a highly tuned athlete, but despite what people might think, running does NOT come naturally to me and I am struggling to find the 'fun' in the training I have been doing around a local park.


However, I have commited to doing this so .....


If anyone would like to sponsor me, I have set up a fundraising page at



(don't seem to be able to do a proper link thingy and Shaun's busy outside taking the engine out of the Caterham, so I'm on my own!)


I know that this is a very personal cause, but any money I raise will be gratefully received.


And did I mention that I'll be doing it in a Santa Suit - complete with beard!! Now a photo of that has got to be worth a few bob of anyone's money!!







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I wondered why Shaun has started talking about video-ing my efforts - thanks for that Mark *nono*


My training was progressing slowly but surely until today - running in the snow is NOT fun and is hard work. Even though i did not go as far as I'd hoped, I did atleast go out. I now have an idea of what it will probably be like on Sunday.


A very big THANK YOU to everyone who has sponsored me - you have all been so generous and I am truly overwhelmed by your support.



The little running Santa *biggrin*



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Well, I've completed the Fun Run and beaten my expectations in 3 ways:


- I ran 3.5 of the 4 km course (way more than I'd managed in training and more than I've ever run in my life)

- I did it in a time of between 18 and 19 mminutes (I was hoping I could do it in 30mins)

- I raised £400 (with Gift Aid, that over £500).


A million thank yous to everyone who sponsored me.


Shaun will be posting some pictures and a video as proof *biggrin*


Happy Christmas all.



The little running Santa.

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