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Wind deflectors, exterior mirrors - and the law

St Eve

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Ever the optimist, here I am surrounded by snow and dreaming of spring/summer runs. And for that time I want to consider dispensing with the side screens and fitting wind deflectors. For those with experience of them, I assume the positioning is adjustable and, if so, do they stay put when the car is rattling along?


More importantly, can an obligatory offside exterior mirror be fixed the the windscreen stanchion? I have seen pics of Sevens minus side screens (usually in touring mode with half-hoods on) but no offside mirror - which I thought was illegal.



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I bolted some small chrome disc mirrors to my wind deflectors, thus automatically adding them when I fitted the deflectors.


Defelctors only adjustable by warming up and bending the lower end in so it makes the main part sit out further.



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Thanks, Bri, but I can't readily visualise that (got any photos?). Do I assume correctly that this fulfils the legal requirement, rather than be of practical use - because I imagine the deflectors have to be almost full out to see rear-wards properly…?



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