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diff backlash issue.help needed


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hi all

i have a 7" sierra diff that is turning in a anoying way ; i rebuilt it using new diff bearings and cages, fit a new trannX lsd, but it's impossible to set the backlash because it has a "hard spot" when i turned it


the "main pignon" hasn't been touch, i just re fit the crown on the trannX, but when back lash is around 0.005 , if i make a 180° turn, the diff has no backlash at all and pignion is very hard to turn by hand


crown and pignon seem fine, ali casing seems fine too, but something is wrong, as if crown was not flat...


can you help me if you manage to understand what i mean!?

ps: already done a few diff so far, with no probleme...




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