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Duratec Click


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I've got what seems to be the Duratec equivalent of the K-Series click. I've changed my battery for a powervamp having had problems starting and now have the situation where it will start when cold but after a run it won't, it seems to struggle to even turn over.


Having read up on the K-Series click it seems to be a bad solder joint on the inside of the solenoid, is it likely to be the same thing with a Duratec starter motor/solenoid? I could just replace the whole starter motor but seems an expensive solution is it is a connection problem.

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mine gets occasionally gummed up with crap and dust as I dont run with a blanking plug behind the starter - job for this winter. I think I have cleaned it out twice in the past 4 years .


Last time this happened was in the summer, I pressed my starter button and there was nothing, Rob kindly gave me a push and the starter was then fine for the next 4 months to date.


I took the stater off and cleaned up the solenoid plunger etc and it now fires with great vigor 😶‍🌫️




here is my Duratec R .... C7 TOP

Taffia joint AO with Al


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