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Problem fitting rear wheel studs


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I am having difficulty replacing my rear wheel studs. About ¼ of the flat head of my stud is cut away giving a ¾ moon shape to it. This is necessary so that the stud can clear the stepped diameter that the brake disk sits on. Having spoken to Caterham parts it appears that they have never seen cut away wheel studs like this before and can only supply studs with a full head. I have also tried Redline (complete with photo’s to illustrate the problem) and their reply was as follows “There is something unusual going on with your car, we have not known it to be necessary to cut away the heads of these studs.”. My car is a 1990 De Dion and the wheel flanges are exactly as supplied by Caterham when I built the car. Darren has been extremely helpful (as usual) and a photo that I have received from him of a current flange shows that the stepped diameter is spot faced around the stud holes to clear the heads. I am now investigating the possibility of spot facing my existing flanges in order to use standard studs. Failing that (and there are another 2 non used holes through the stepped diameter that may prevent safe modification) I will need 2 current flanges. It seems likely to me that a few cars around that period may have had this interim design so I post this not as a complaint but as information for others.


Ex Chairman Roger


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Hi Guy


I guess it would be possible to machine the studs but having looked at them I'm not very happy to re use that design ( even though it's given 20 plus years without trouble). It would be easier to machine the hubs and then be able to use standard studs. I'm glad I'm not the only one with this design, I'll inform Caterham who can add it to their knowledge base ....

Do your hubs have the 2 extra non functioning holes ?


Ex Chairman Roger

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