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Dry sump plus heater on Xflow,


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I am preparing our crossflow for my wife to use.


It has a drysump tank where the battery used to be, a battery where the heater would normally fit, centre of the 'shelf' on the bulkhead.


I also have an expansion tank taking up space here.


It seems to me the only place left for the battery (obviously the heater HAS to go on the 'shelf') is either under the carbs (nasty, IMO) or....in the boot.


Do Caterham supply a special bracket for under carb mounting of battery?


What have others done?




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The standard under carb mount is a pain the harris. It's basically a tray the size of the battery base with 4 or 5 pop rivets securing it to the Y at that part of the chassis. Then there's a stainless plate riveted on that with a strap over the top of the battery.


Why not look at an oddesy and mount it on the bulkhead? It's half the size of a lead acid.


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Meant to say, lie it flat on the passenger side in front of the scuttle. There should be jsut about enough room width wise, and with it flat you don't need the height. Also means your exisiting wiring might make it?


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Dry sump tank will fit standing on the chassis rails infront of a HALF-shortened passenger footwell.

Battery will sit on top of the half-shortened footwell.

Expansion tank - fabricate a mounting plate for it and rivet it (the mounting plate) to the lateral chassis rail above the gearbox (and provide extra support by additional bracket to the recently refitted heater *tongue*)


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Unclefester I can send you a photo of mine, where I have a heater (admittedly home made), a battery, dry sump and a heater tank in the same area. It sounds like yours is not so simple but mine might give you some ideas, If you blatmail me your email address, I will send you some piccies
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My previous 7 was a X Flow with dry sump and heater.

In mine the battery was mounted above the bellhousing some how. I think I have some photos of the engine bay on my hard drive at home, if you send me a blat mail I will see what photos I can find and I will send them to you.

It will be the weekend before I can do this as I am currently in Milan on business.


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