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Tyres and wheels for CSR


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The rears are 9x15" I believe and have 245/45x15 CR500 Tyres on


If I wanted to change to a different brand of tyre it looks like I would also have to change the rear rims as there seems to be nothing else that fit 9" wide rims at 15" dia, unless you know better??


So, assuming I am correct what could I use say 7" and what offset would I need.


Why I hear you ask, well, cost is one feeble reason that other is I feel the rear is over tyred. If thesre is any loose stuff on the road instead of biting they just seem to skid over it



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I've looked extensively at the tyre issue for a CSR, and the short answer is that the only tyres that will fit are the Avons, there are very few other manufacturers that make a 195/45/15, an none that that make a 245/40/15 [not 45!].


I know that isn't exactly what you asked; one of the Swedish CSR owners has actually narrowed his rear rims by cutting and welding, quite successfully by all accounts, so he can run a tyre made by another manufacturer, and I am currently running 195/50/15 on standard 6.5 " rims on the back with no untoward characteristics. It is however far easier to kick the back end out, with less rubber on the road, as you would expect. 😬


The big problem is that very few people make front tyres in 195/45/15, which is essential for the front so that it will fit under the front wings, [195/50/15 do not fit under] so you will have to be guided by who does that size, and then see what the largest they make for the back, then look for wheels that will fit accordingly. Just the opposite way that you would normally think of doing things. 😔


So I think the answer is to pick your rear wheel size, virtually anything will do, if you go for a 194/45/15 the same as the front, you will then be able to carry a spare, if you want to, for touring. *wink*


Paul J.

My CSR now back with it's new and remapped Omex ECU - Hooray no more kangarooing and 268.6 bhp / 204lb-ft :-))

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As we all know, we can get a 205 on a 8.5 rim. You can get yoko A048 in 225/50 15. they will fit a 9" rim, as that is what is fitted to my old mans Quattro sport, and those are the tyres he has fitted. They are not too stretched, infact they work very well. *thumbup*
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