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Cambelt change on 1.8 VVC SV

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Bank holiday job: change the cambelt. Got the old one off ... ah, the new one is longer. Same width, same tooth pitch, but 2 teeth longer (145 rather than 143 on the old one). Old part number is LHN 100830, new part number is LHN 100560. Got it from Caterham Cars, and their advice note / invoice says "CAMSHAFT TIMING BELT K1.6 & 1.8 & VVC 98> LONG". So have they sent me the right one? Has there been a change to longer cambelts, for some reason? Anyone know?



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You need the short wide belt.. 26mm x 143 teeth Gates 5416XS, LHN100390, you have the one for the Auto tensioner which is 26mm x 145 teeth. Caterhams markings are incorrect, no VVC *ever* had the longer (145 teeth) belt. All VVCs have manual tensioners and therefore shorter (143 teeht) belts.




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