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1.4 K-series Engine For Sale £100


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Removed from my 7 about 2 years ago for upgrade to a 1.8. I've kept it 'just in case', but if I keep it any longer, I'll never need it. Clearly therefore, my 1.8 will go pop 2 days after selling this *eek* [please no]. High port head (from memory last time I checked).


Was SS spec, though have removed the cams for the 1.8, so the std 1.8 cams are in it now (not installed properly, just layed in with the cam carrier on top. Has been wrapped in bags since being removed.


Has done about 44k miles (with 10% speedo overread, so actually ). In my ownership, oil / filter was changed every 3k (I bought the car at 24k) and there was FSH before I got it. Always warmed up thoroughly (i.e. until oil pressure drops to 'warm level, not just coolant temp) before enthusiastic driving. Is a cracking little engine. The only minor point is a slight puff of blue smoke *smokin* after a long decel on the overrun and then when you get back on the throttle (never deteriorated in 20k with me, so the valve stems must be slightly worn from before). Probably used about 0.5L between oil changes. Never went on a trackday with me (don't know about before)


This is the base engine, without ECU or ancilliaries (they all got swapped over). Also no flywheel as that's gone onto the 1.8 for the trigger pattern, but you can have the 1.8 'wheel for free. 1.4 injectors and rail are included and the std induction system.


Headgasket was done by Caterham (at 24k) when I bought the car (nice disappointing start to ownership *rolleyes*) No issues since, however.


£100 ONO. Collection only (obviously)!


Cheers, *thumbup*









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I did the same conversion (and also got a 1400 block in the shed).


Out of interest, does your 1800 start off rich and lean off when the lamda sensor kicks in? I've got a full CAT mot due in the next couple of weeks *rolleyes*


Did you change the log book (one of the reasons I decided to hang onto my 1400 block).



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Hi Paul,


First dibs accepted. I'm in Bedfordshire (live in Harrold, work in Cranfield, near MK). Funnily enough I'll coming to Wiltshire next weekend, though unfortunately in the 7, so I won't be able to fit the engine in!!


Blatmail me and we can sort something out.


Bruce, mine doesn't run a lambda sensor (although I was wondering if fitting one might improve the driveability). It seems to run 'normally' when driving normally, but definitely runs a little rich when you boot it (stands to reason really as the 1.8 doesn't go half as well as the 1.4 at high RPM (relative to low RPM), there for the increased airflow (and requirement for fuel) just isn't there (taking into account the increased supply by the bigger injectors and squashed FPR). Fuel economy is still reasonable though (at about 30-34MPG), so I'm not worrying about it too much.




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