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Bulk buy jack - new seals fitting instructions


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Morning - does anyone have a copy of the instructions someone kindly put together some while ago for fitting new seals to the ali bulk buy jack please? I have the seals (and the empty jack) but not the instructions. Link I could find in search to a pdf is now not working.


Many thanks.



*smile* feed those 45s ! *smile*

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Just completed (needed to get some oil) and have a working jack again *thumbup*. Got some new seals, including the inner small one (as mine was only about 3/4 complete).

For reference the o-ring sizes I measured were:

2 x 30mm Outer diameter, 3mm thick

1 x 18mm outer diameter, 2.5mm thick


Just as an aside, should anyone else find this thread, I didn't need to do some of the instructions, I just did the following:

*arrowright*Removed the bolts holding in the main block (4 each side)

*arrowright*Removed the 2 circlips holding the lower arms to the platform

*arrowright*Removed the split pin holding the piston to the arm

*arrowright*Slackened the 26mm nuts, the cross member and front roller bolts to allow the side plates to move a bit to allow the main block to be removed.

*arrowright*Then I placed it in the vice as mentioned in the instructions linked to above.


Mainly because on my jack I can't un-bolt the yoke (point 4) - it is a press fit into the side plates.


Oh, and make sure to fit the release hex drive pin back into the yoke location - I forgot and had to drop the block again to re-fit. 🙆🏻


Phil Waters

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My jack needs re-sealing. I'm looking at my kit of standard sized O-rings and am wondering if any of them are the correct size.

Please could someone advise if these are R18 O-rings? (23mm id with 3.6mm cross section). see here for a list of standard sizes. I assume the smaller one is R11? Or, are they non-standard sizes?


thanks !

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According to my post here you need 2 of 23.5mm x 3.5mm, and 1 of 13mm x 2.5mm


That's how they're listed in my Machine Mart set. Don't know how that corresponds to your R numbers (aren't those for Imperial O-rings?)


Oh, hang on, post before says they're F19 and F9. Again, don't know how that relates to R numbers.


Edited by - Roger Ford on 27 Oct 2011 16:28:23

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