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Stripped sump plug


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Did oil change on caterham today, when I came to put the sump plug back

(with torque wrench set to 15Ibs) it would not tighten up, when I removed

it again I could see traces of alloy thread on the sump plug. Can't see how this

could have happened, (certainly not over tighened). Whats the way out of this,

is it a new sump or can it be re-tapped by someone. what is helicoiling is this

a way out, (what exactly is this). Who could do this locally for me, if its a way out.

This may be a good question for Nick or Richard since you live near to me

any ideas who to take it to. *confused* *confused* *confused*




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Don't Panic *cool*

The damage was probably done last time the bolt was put in (cross threaded maybe). Helicoiling involves drilling out the old thread, tapping a new thread with a special tap and then winding in a special wire type insert which exactly reproduces the original thread form. It's all very simple and a local expert will do it very quickly. Threads repaired like this are actualy stronger than original. The sump will need to come off though so that no swarf enters the oil.

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