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Bright Blue with Rollcage

mark not max

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Hey - Mark - you beat me to it this time - twas I returning home after a spot of lunch....we thought there was another blue car out today as we were approached in the pub car park by a chap accusing us of having just overtaken him at "120mph+" ....my wife was eager to advise him that it was not us as I don't normally go that slow.....he was not amused.


You were my second spotting of the weekend -t'other was a nice Red '02 Plate" yesterday in Huntingdon.


Fancy meeting for a blat sometime?


Edited by - Geoff Wilcx on 5 Apr 2009 19:51:18

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I'm sure there were a few souls in the villages along this road who were double taking as our blue cars - were going this way, that way and t''other way.....don't take too much to confuse people in these parts.


Screaming DVA K05


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