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exhaust paint


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do any of the black exhaust paints work?


I am fed up with tatty looking external pipes. Have had them polished before but all too soon tarnished. I fancy slapping a bit of matt black on.


Your comments welcomed!


CoSwoRth it!

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I sprayed my silencers on the 2cv with black VHT paint, it lays on really nicely, but as the best way to cure it (unless you have a big oven) is on the car, touching it with your hands really does damage the finish. Once cured though, it's not too bad. The stuff I got is matt black, not sure they do a gloss version, not sure what it would look like exposed.


Give it a go! The worst that can happen is that you've wasted a few quid on a can of paint (you'll only need one) and if it's that bad, just take the wire wool to it and have it off in no time.





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