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Wonky indicators- suspect a short circuit!


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When I indicate right, everything is fine. When I indicate left, the relay seems to blink twice as fast & the bulb in the pod below the headlamp doesn't blink. The cycle wing bulb blinks fine,just fast, as does the rear indicator bulb. I have tried 2 new bulbs in the pod- makes no difference & the only other unusual thing is that the cycle wing was bent out of shape when my wheels were nicked about a month ago.

I can't see that's related, the pod seems unaffected & from what I can see all the wiring seems intact. Having changed the bulb I'm really stuck- any suggestions about what to try next ?

If it helps, I have a k-series Roadsport SV.

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Thanks for the replies - Dave, if the bulb is removed, the nearside indicators stop working (front & back) and the offside ones work fine.

SMT - I'll have a look at the contacts & check them. I had wondered about corrosion but as the car is a little over 6 months old it just seemed too soon! Maybe a harsh northern winter has taken its toll ?

Thanks for the help.

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Hmmm, solder.

Sounds like I might really have to try hard to fix this....normally I begin a job & create several more on the way through lack of understanding & (lack of) competence. I managed to blow a fuse last night changing bulbs (shouldn't have done it with the indicators on I suppose). Who knows what havoc I could create with a soldering iron...

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