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Tyres again - sorry

willi eckerslike

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The wisdom of blatchat would be welcomed on the following topic, I know the subject has been posted a few times. I have searched and read the posts but would still appreciate some guidance.


When I bought my roadsport it had a set of 15” antracites with 195 x 45 xR15 CR500s that are tight up to the cycle wings with not evens a nat’s whisker of clearance.


Having taken the advice of a variety of people I invested in a set of 13” rims which are now fitted with Toyo 888s and intend to use these for spirited driving and track days etc


As I intend to do a bit of touring this year with SWMBO and probably a fair few miles of wet driving, if last years weather is anything to go by, the 888s do not seem to be best suited so I need to replace the CR500s with a general road tyre I would be grateful for the wisdom of blatchat on this


Looking at a tyre of the same size, 195/45/R15 the options are limited:-

CR500 – a bit pricey @ £107 plus delivery plus fitting each but a good tyre

Avon ZV3

Toyo TR1

Toyo PX4

Goodyear F1 GSD Eagle

Kumho KU31 Exista Sport

Pirelli P7

Firestone FZ80


Any advice would be gratefully received




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Stunner scudo's in this size are around £45 a tyre and an excellent road tyre. I would take the ZV3's off the list - too hard for a seven but they do last for miles!
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I bought four 195/45-15 Stunner Scudo's a couple of months ago, and paid £37 each fitted.

They're a great tyre in the wet and dry as a road tyre. I'm now on my third set.

They're also great on track in the wet, but overheat easily in the dry.


The set that I've just taken off have done about 8k road miles, about 20 sprints and hillclimbs, and a couple of track days. I've only changed them because the wear is a little uneven from the track use.

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Another old favourite is the Yoko A539. I too have a similar set up to you - 15" wheels for touring (which are on A539's) and a set of 13"'s on 888's for hooning.


I've done lots of touring including 2 Swiss trips and 2 Le Mans, not to mention a rather wet excursion to the Lake District. Always seem to perform ok, not too expensive and last er...very well.





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