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XE Cam belt infill plate

Bob Simon

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As far as I know the only belt and pulley layout for the XE stone guards is the pre LN....




The stone guard I have is part of a Speiss kit and is sized around the smaller LN Vernier pulleys but uses a pre LN idler layout with a custom belt length to suite (no tensioner etc)... the alloy water pump pulley has LN tooth profiles also.... the 2X large diameter metal idlers needed come from SBD


Aves was selling a complete Swindon setup a month or so ago... you just need the belt... do a 2 month search in for sale for Swindon XE and just check the tooth profiles..




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Thanks for the tips.


I really would like to keep the LN belt train intact if possible. I've already invested in new LN cam pulleys, alloy idlers, belt, etc.


Time to buy a chunk of acetal or nylon and craft one from scratch I guess.





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I have an LN XE with a Spiess cam belt insert. Problem is, I believe they have stopped making the kit of parts now. I can tell you that not only do you have to alter the belt path to fit the thing using new metal pulleys from SBD but there is also a fair amont of fettling (spacing the pulleys and nib roller correctly etc) that has to be done as well. You also have to replace the standard water pump pulley, this came from Spiess. One final thing, the cam belts (from Spiess) are a different length to the standard GM part.


Doh *redface* - duplicate information to Garibaldi's post, but you get the picture *wink*


If you do manage to get hold of a Spiess set, I can send you details/pics of my installation.


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AKA Steve Mell - Su77on Se7ener


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You have to replace the standard water pump pulley ?

Do you extract the old one from the shaft and press on a new one ? I ask because I tried doing just that (as an experiment) on an old pump and it seemed immovable ...

(Or was I trying to dismantle the pump - I forget *confused*)

Or do you buy a new pump from Spiess with the pulley already fitted

Just interested ...


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Roger, sorry for the delay. Yes, Spiess supplied the new pulley and we had to use a hydraulic press to remove the old one and likewise to press the new one on. Bloody tight it was too.


I think the problem with the original pulley is the belt retaining flanges (can I say flange before 11:00 *redface*) front and rear. I think the Spiess solution requires the belt to 'float' on the water pump rather like it does on the vernier pulleys.


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AKA Steve Mell - Su77on Se7ener

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